Welcome to my home page

I am a former Senior Director of Product Management for Google and former startup CEO.

Today I am advising management teams in building leading products and product orgs.

I am also an angel investor.


I live in Zurich, Switzerland.


Things I worked on

For seven years I was head of the Geo Product Management team in Google EMEA. I was responsible for some of the largest global features on Maps, including Directions by car, public transportation, biking and walking. Also I was responsible for the EMEA rollout of features like Street View. I managed our global emerging markets strategy and was the global privacy lead for Geo. Maps is one of Google's few > 2bn user products.

Google Shopping is a multi billion dollar business driving product searches on Google and connecting hundreds of millions of users with the biggest retailers in the world such as Walmart, Target, Macy’s and Amazon. I led global Product Management for all retailer aspects (data, merchant tools, user interfaces, systems).

Since 2013 I am Co-Chair of the Product Management Festival, a yearly PM focused conference with thousands of participants from over 45 countries. We amplify the impact of Product Management.

Also check out our PM Exec program in cooperation with INSEAD