I am an active angel investor in startups in Europe and the US. My value add to startups is:

– I was entrepreneur myself and grew my company to over 100 people with $15m venture capital — with all ups and downs
– With 12+ years at Google I learned how to build successful products and strong teams: Maps is one of Google’s few > 1 billion user products and Google Shopping one of the fastest growing businesses
– Because I live in Europe and work for an US company I understand what it means to build global products

Notable blockchain investments

Since 2014 I’ve been fascinated by Bitcoin and the application of decentralized trust as the foundation of a new internet. I have built an angel portfolio of foundational companies in the space, for example: BlockstreamProtocol Labs, Circle, Blockchain (via Naval Ravikant and 21.co), Orchid (via Naval), Dharma Labs, AirTM and Chia Network (via Naval). I also invested in Multicoin Capital and Neufund.

Tokens: BTC, ETH, zcash, ZRX, Numeraire, Filecoin, Civic

Crew (exit to Dribble)
WorkLife (exit to Cisco)
Verbalizeit (exit to Smartling)
testhub (exit to Applause)
Scout (exit to Luxico)
Interviewed (exit to Indeed, via Jared Friedman)
Attic Labs / Noms DB (exit to Salesforce), via a fund
Parkifi (exit to Dish Networks, via FG Angels)
Stratim (exit to KAR Auction Services, NYSE symbol “KAR”)
Trusted (exit to Care.com)
Sapho (exit to Citrix)
Cozy (exit to CoSat NASDAQ “CSGP”)
Homeday (exit to Axel Springer)
Contactually (exit to Compass Group)
Managed by Q (exit to Wework)
MD Insider (exit to Accolate)
Medumo (exit to Philips)
Apprente (exit to McDonalds)
Dil Mil (exit to Dating.com)
Simplecast (exit to SiriusXM)
UXPin (exit to Xenon Partners)
Schoolzilla (exit to Renaissance)
Notion (exit to Comcast)
Loom (exit to Roblox)


Vouch (dead)
Clef (dead)
Beepi (sort of dead)
Butter (dead)
Casehub (dead)
Instamotor (dead)
LiveNeighborly (dead)
Basis (via Naval)
Revolar (dead)
Shoppimon (dead)
Trustify (dead)

To learn more about my investments find me on AngelList.