Product Expert

I have extensive experience in creating leading products and setting up strong product teams.

  • I was entrepreneur myself and grew my company to >100 people with $15m venture capital.
  • With 13 years at Google I learned how to build successful products and strong teams: Maps now has >2bn users, and I helped grow Google Shopping to two digit billions in revenue.
  • At Google I was part of the European management team, the Google Ads leadership team, and member of the “Product Management Steering Group” that shaped the Product function at Google.
  • Because I live in Europe and worked for an US company I understand what it means to build global products.
  • I co-founded a product conference with thousands of attendees in Europa and Asia, and a successful PM Exec program in collaboration with INSEAD.
  • I coached and advised many leaders for product success.

Latest Project

I co-founded Peak Product in 2021 to offer Product Management advisory services with a handpicked team of experienced product managers.